A little back story about me might help you know me a little better. That was my line of thought as I made up my mind to start writing about photography. Even though I am a very conservative person, I felt writing would be a good way to open up. So, here goes a little back story about me.

Before it all started.

Born and raised in Cameroon, I hail from a small town called Buea in the southwestern region. I wouldn’t say I am one of those who was born with a passion for photography. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t so often that I saw a camera let alone play with one while growing up. In my teenage years, I got to see cameras more often and even started playing with a few. I remember going through my mom’s cupboard and borrowing (polite way of saying stealing) the camera she had received as a gift from her sister who lived in the US. Even at that time I found the idea of borrowing without asking more interesting than the art of photography itself.

Photographer Ed Gobina

The Beginning.

Fast forward some years ahead (2016), I finally had access to a decent camera. At the time I was working as a tour opreator and I had developed an interest for traveling. I took the camera everywhere I went and made some photos and videos.At this time, the passion started to build up and I was literally taking photos of any and everything around me. After being a hobby photographer for the entire year of 2016, people took notice of my work. More and more became interested in the photos I was making and I even finally found some one who love my work enough to offer me my first pay check as a photography. The thought of being paid to be someone’s photographer was terrifying at the time. Especially given the fact that I had huge self doubts. But I didn’t let that stop me.

Photographer Ed Gobina
Ed Gobina

Thereafter, I went on to photograph several weddings, portraits and other events. I even made some videos for a few clients and myself. It was a great learning period and over those years, a lot of experience had been gathered from traveling a few countries in different continents, new skills had been learned including self taught cinematography and making short-films. I even went on to start up a YouTube channel were I share some of my adventures. I also share my work, review camera gear and my thoughts on some aspects of the craft.

The Transition

A few more years into the future (2018), I moved to Norway to settle with my wife and son and wanted nothing more but to keep working as a photographer/filmmaker. This was a big challenge for me. I thought it would be an easy process to set up a business as I had some experience already. But boy was I wrong! The challenge came with adapting to a whole new culture, learning a completely new language and building a network to give the business a push. If you have lived in Norway, then you would know breaking in isn’t easy. It probably also had to do with the fact that the town we lived in wasn’t a big one (Bø i Telemark). As I write this article, I don’t feel I have broken in completely. Even though I have done some work for clients around I am far from it.


The plan is to move to a bigger city (Bergen). Which I am super excited about as it will be happening this 2020. The scene out there is bigger, better and competitive. This journey of mine has been one of a kind, starting from zero interest to doing this full-time. Even though I will be moving to city with more promise I think the challenges are from from over. I will make sure to keep you posted once the move is complete.